There are things in life that truly give me joy and well-designed products, clothing and artwork are at the top.

I was raised on art. I took design classes and studied composition. 

Like many subjects, when you spend enough time in their company, you are influenced and trained. I have been trained in the art of clean lines, contrast and the simplicity of the organic and the material. 

After moving to NYC life took on a new form. There were new alleys for me to discover; new ways of expressing beauty. Eventually, I began to see the world as light and dark, industrial and organic, simple and complex. I became even more aware of the contrast in life and learned to love the simple joys in life like a clean line from a pen or a plain white t-shirt.  It interrupts the constant noise of the city and gives your mind a break.

In my quest for beauty and simplicity, I discovered products, places, and music that contrast the crazy and calm the mind. It is here that I want to share them with you.

© Majorly Minimal
Maira Gall