Monday, April 25, 2016

Minimal Music: City of the Sun

Minimal music is hard to define, but if there is one group that fits the bill, it's the band City of the Sun.  I first discovered them in Central Park back in September. Their music captivated me. The band consists of three guys, two guitars, a box and some bells. That's it. 

They have been together since 2010 and have made a splash in the music world. They have played everywhere from street corners to sold-out music halls.  According to their website, they describe their music as "sweeping from wide-screen post-rock dynamics to gypsy jazz syncopations." And honestly, that sounds just about right. They are completely instrumental and are redefining acoustic music.

This first video is a cover of Intro by XX.  Although it is not an original, this piece fits very well into their repertoire as a celebration of repetition and haunting, simplistic music theory.  

The next video showcases an original piece titled "W. 16th Street." This is my favorite song on their first full album (which was recently released) titled "To the Sun and all the Cities in Between" Enjoy!

Want more of their music? You can find them on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud.  
My song suggestions? Everything, Second Sun, and Explosions 

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