Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why so Minimal?

Why is a minimal lifestyle trending and turning into a cultural shift? And, why should you consider joining the movement? The trend, like all fashion/design history, has to do (in part) with our style history. I could give you an all-inclusive summary of the past 100 years of fashion and style, but I will keep it brief.

Trends are about progress and a critic of the current world. Think about the shift from the 20's to the 30's - in one decade we went from flappers and beaded headbands to docile suites and conservative dresses. If you think about it, the economic and political situation changed as well. The 1920's the United States were very prosperous and flamboyant but the 1930's were in the trows of The Great Depression followed by the beginning of the second world war.

Every trend has a similar backstory. While war and depressions may not be the reason for a change, there is always a cultural shift that coincides with moving trends. Today there are many influencing factors, but the following, I believe, are the biggest contributors.

  • Environmental Awareness
    1. Over the past few years, there has been a major focus on caring for our environment.
    2. We emphasize recycling and producing less waste in order to responsibly use our planet's resources.
  • Emphasis on Experience
    1. Our culture is tired of the facade of materialism and is shifting toward being "authentic" and "adventurous."
    2. We value living a full life over a "perfect" one.
  • Technological Advancement
    1. With the rise of personal technology and social media, there are many new ways to share interests and experiences with the world.
    2. Technology is able to do more with less - the same idea minimalism is trying to replicate in all aspects of life.

No matter how much or little you agree with these forces behind minimalism, the lifestyle can reinforce quality character traits and a better way of life. It allows you to live simply and fully. Most importantly though, it allows you to truly appreciate the blessings you have.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Back to the Basics

Muji gets the whole thing about basics. Everyone needs staple pieces that don't draw attention to themselves.  They are simple with no frills.  You won't find them plastered with a logo or a particular style. It simply is the piece of clothing.

Anyone looking to create a minimalist wardrobe or start a capsule wardrobe must start somewhere so here are my recommendations:

The Cotton Mix Coat


Wool Turtleneck

I have purchased several articles of clothing from Muji, but these are definitely my top favorites and are two essentials that everyone should have in their wardrobe because of their simplicity and versatility.

Review: Muji Cotton Coat

The Muji Cotton Mix Coat may be the best clothing purchase I have ever made.  I pretty much live in this coat 6 months out of the year because it works so well for fall and spring.

It is the perfect coat.  It's timeless, versatile and works well for all occasions. I have worn it on dates, to the grocery store, on plains and in trains (and automobiles for that matter).

It has held up extremely well over the year and I don't know what I would do without it!

Review: Muji Wool Turtleneck

There are three kinds of turtlenecks: 
1. The massive-I'm-one-big-neck sort that you only find on the Runway
2. The slouchy neck that says "I love looking chill but am actually trying really hard" (yes. poking fun at myself because I do wear these)
3. The slim sleek neck that is subtle but bold

This turtleneck falls into the last category and just happens to go with everything. 

Jeans (light and dark washes)?     Check.
Skirts (maxi, mini, midi)?                Check, Check, Check.
Flats? Heels?                                    CHECK. 

Ok. I will admit I was very suspicious of the no-itch wool that it claimed to be made of.  I have never found a "non-itch" will that made good on its claim so I wasn't holding my breath. 

Well. Once again- score for Muji. No itching. This shirt is 100% wool and comes with all the benefits without the major downfalls.  It is warm, breathable, and lays really well. 

Would I buy it again?
In fact - I probably will.

Notice the shirt ^^^ 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 Reasons Why: MUJI

If you asked me what store you should visit on your trip to NYC or LA I would tell you:

"Muji, go to Muji!"

Here are five reasons why I love, love, love Muji:

  1. the most enjoyable shopping experience.
  2. ...excels in Japanese design.
  3. ...has a wide range of products.
  4. short for "no brand" in Japanese.
  5. perfect for gifts.
(bonus: They just opened an online store!)

There is nothing quite like this store, the experience, or their products.  Over the years I have gathered quite a Muji collection including stationary, clothing and organizational tools.  During the next few weeks, I will give you my Muji tips and will be sharing my favorite products with you!


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