Monday, April 18, 2016

Muji: Minimalist Gifts

Gift giving is incredibly fun if you know exactly the person wants, but 9 out of 10 times, that isn't the case.

My gifting solution is always Muji. (Surprise!)

Here are my top 3 favorite gifts from Muji:

#3.  Chopsticks
I have a friend who really enjoys all forms of Asian cuisine, but would always take several packs of chopsticks from any restaurant she visited in order to always have a supply.  So, needless to say, this gift was perfect.  The Muji chopsticks range in price from $4.35 to $13.00 so you can buy an individual pair or whole set depending on how big your budget is.

#2. Cardboard Speakers
It was Christmas, and I had absolutely no idea what to give my dad.  Guy gifts are always hard for me because 1. I'm a girl, and 2. I don't have any brothers. This find was my saving grace.  The speakers worked well as a gift for several reasons: 
- It lays flat (thus easy to transport in a suitcase)
- They are useful (my dad currently has them sitting on his office desk)
- Construction required (it gave my dad something to build while my sisters and I had a Christmas gift fashion show)

muji speakers

#1. Personalized Notebooks [Warning: some planning required] 
This is the favorite gift that I have given.  I love the Muji notebooks because they are super cheap, and are a joy to write in. For Christmas one year, I bought a few notebooks and sketched iconic New York City sights onto the cardboard cover.  I drew the top of Chrysler Building, the torch from the Statue of Liberty (pictured below), and even the Conservatory Water (including sailboats) from Central Park.  This gift is ideal for your family (especially grandparents) who would rather have a meaningful piece of you rather than just another knickknack from an NYC tourist shop.

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