Monday, April 11, 2016

Minimal DIY: Unfinished Hem Jean

There is a new trend going around: The Unfinished Hem.

This is a no-fuss style that makes a statement without needing too much work. As soon as I saw a pair in the subway, I knew I had to sacrifice a pair of my jeans so I could jump on this bandwagon.

I bought these great jeans a few months ago. They are distressed, patched and super comfortable, however, they were too long for my taste. Although cuffing them was an option they ended up being bulky and bit awkward.  They were the perfect specimen.

Sure. I was pretty scared as I sliced through my favorite pair of jeans with an exact-o knife... this would either solidify their position as my favorite pair or forever doom them to paint clothes.

Here is how they turned out...

I love them! These jeans are now light, breezy and perfect for summer. (In fact, my roommate loves them so much she is having me cut her jeans.)

The entire project took about 20 minutes and the only thing you need is a pair of scissors. Figure out how short you want to make them and snip away! (Just make sure to keep your line straight)

Do you have a pair of jeans that could just some refreshing? Try this! The unfinished hem will definitely be in style for a few more years.

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